Mannequin dressed as FANTASTICS dances in the back of Miki Mizuno !? “It became a terrible work” “Mannequin Night Fever” Episode 1

“Mannequin Night Fever” starring FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE (NTV, every Thursday from 24:59) will start on October 8th. In addition, just before the first broadcast, an online fan meeting “Mannequin” Golden Night “Fever ON LINE” will be held where all FANTASTICS members will gather (ticket sales: until 21:00 on October 8).

The mannequin has a will on a thundering night! Eight mannequins who have the intention to move one after another on the stage of Shibuya Parco. What do they usually think about and what dreams do they have? And a mysterious beauty who knows everything … What is it !? The uniqueness of the members of FANTASTICS (World, Taiki Sato, Natsuki Sawamoto, Leiya Seguchi, Natsuki Hori, Keito Kimura, Yusei Yagi, Sota Nakajima) Situation comedy unfolded by mannequins.

FANTASTICS challenges not only singing and dancing, but also ad lib that is not in the script. Also pay attention to the unique conversational drama of eight unique mannequins that start moving at night. In addition, Miki Mizuno will play the mysterious beauty, Invitation Eternity, who is a key figure in the story and knows everything. This time, with overwhelming acting ability and gorgeous visuals reminiscent of Takarazuka, we backed up FANTASTICS, which starred for the first time. In the play, it’s also a mess for the mannequins !? What is the true identity of the invitation?

The drama was filmed at the actual Shibuya Parco, which is the setting of the story. After the store closes, the equipment and art are set and photographed, and before the store opens in the morning, it is completely withdrawn. In the hard schedule every day, there are plenty of contents such as songs, dances, and ad libs. Not only the drama theme song “High Fever” sung by FANTASTICS, but also songs by various famous artists appear in the play. The choreography they sang and thought of was also a big highlight.

Since it was the first drama starring, the whole group was full of first challenges! First of all, I am very grateful for giving me such an opportunity. In the acting, we all collided with each other while receiving a lot of advice from Mr. Mizuno. There are many ad-lib parts, and I think the development of singing and dancing scenes has become a tremendous work! It’s a work that I enjoyed shooting while struggling, so I hope it will be a fun work for those who see it.

I am the instructor’s position because of the content of FANTASTICS’entertainment warrior training, but I was the one who was most driven by the huge amount of dialogue and the short shooting time. For some reason, there was a scene where I sang with everyone in the background, and I strongly wondered “Why am I?”, And I would like to note that the coffee that was put in every day was delicious. Look at our brave figure confronting the almost unreasonable hell called drama.

Attention (world), Matome (Sato), Mukuchi (Sawamoto), Pokke (Seguchi), Mysterious (Hori), Lady (Kimura), Necho (Yagi), Tekito (Nakajima) mannequins suddenly become humans at midnight. It started to move. They can only be humans while in the store in the middle of the night. It was the mysterious beauty, Invitation Eternity (Mizuno), who made it possible. She is also a former mannequin and has a special ability to make a mannequin human. Invitation teaches them “what is a human being?” And suggests that “a mannequin with a particularly strong feeling may be a real human being.”