The second dream does not come true Tokyo Olympics 93-year-old torch runner death Chiba Kimizu

The second dream does not come true Tokyo Olympics 93-year-old torch runner death Chiba Kimizu October 8 19:11

As the Tokyo Olympic Games are postponed to next year due to the effects of the new Coronavirus, the oldest man in Chiba Prefecture, who was selected as the second torch runner following the 1964 Tokyo Games,
He died at the age of 93.

Isao Toriumi, 93, of Kimizu City, Chiba Prefecture, was selected as the oldest runner in the prefecture in the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed to next year.

According to his eldest son, Kazuhiko, Mr. Toriumi was a track and field student, and when he was in college, he ran Hakone Ekiden twice, and after became a teacher at a local high school, he led the track and field club to the national championships for the 25th consecutive year. At the last Tokyo Olympics held at the age of 37, these achievements were evaluated and the torch was kept in Toriumi’s room.

After that, he was consistently involved in track and field, including set a Japanese record in the Masters track and field, but he said, “I want to feel the excitement of the torch relay again. And I want to give courage and energy to the elderly of the same generation.”

After he was selected, he continued to build up his physical strength by training his legs, prepared new shoes, and was looking forward to the second sunny stage.

When I heard about the postponement of the Tokyo Games, he said “yes” and seemed to be sorry, so he became ill and died of heart failure on the 30th of last month.

Kazuhiko, who was going to push his wheelchair and run with him, said, “He was always positive, he loved athletics, and he was a hot person like 100 degrees of hot water. When the actual performance came, I feel that I was running only by my father without a wheelchair. We couldn’t run the torch relay, but we all supported our father and we were able to get to know him, including his family and students, as one.”

Atsushi Suzuki, one of the students of the track and field club who was preparing to cheer on the road, said, “I was taught how to live rather than technology. I want my eldest son, Kazuhiko, to run the torch relay with his shadow.”

According to the Chiba Prefecture Olympic and Paralympic Promotion Bureau, Toriumi’s alternative runner is undecided, and in the future, after consulting with Kimizu City and the organizing committee, recommendations will be made and decided.

Family members and students want to take over Toriumi’s thoughts in the form of support, even if they don’t succeed.