Expansion of “Green Investment” Discussed at International Conference by Managers of the World

To expand “green investment” Discussions at international conferences by managers around the world October 9 at 7:00 p.m.

In order to expand the movement of “green investment” to choose companies that focus on climate change countermeasures as investment destinations, an international conference was held in which managers from around the world participated to discuss how to analyze the impact of large-scale disasters on business and disclose information.
The conference was held online with venues in Tokyo and discussed a framework in which business owners and experts from various countries participated to encourage companies to disclose information on climate change.

At the outset, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a video, “Global companies and investors are turning to sustainable business. Japan will also contribute to decarbonization.”

Mark Carney, a special envoy in the field of climate change at the United Nations, also indicated that the mandatory disclosure of information will be discussed at COP26, a meeting on global warming countermeasures scheduled for next year.

At the meeting, beverage manufacturer executives showed how they analyzed the impact of disasters and rising temperatures on their businesses.

On the other hand, financial institutions on the investment side expressed the opinion that it is important to disclose information about the strengths such as environmental technology, and that investment in companies that have been evaluated as highly environmentally conscious even under the influence of the Corona Virus is well-operated.

More and more companies are disclosing information on climate change worldwide, and the flow of green investment is expected to become more active.