Gymnastics with Tsugaru dialect wrap Healthy body to prevent infection!Ikuzo Yoshi’s song

Gymnastics with Tsugaru dialect wrap Healthy body to prevent infection! Ikuzo Yoshi’s song October 9th 16:35 k10012656001_202010091620_202010091624.mp4 Ikuzo Yoshi, a singer from Aomori prefecture, tried to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus by building a healthy body. Gymnastics was devised. This exercise was planned by Inakadate Village in Aomori Prefecture to help improve health by having people move their bodies according to the video, and was shot by about 20 people, including the woman who devised the exercise and the village staff. ..

For the gymnastics music, the original version of the song “TSUGARU” is used, in which singer Ikuzo Yoshi called for refraining from going out with Tsugaru dialect rap to prevent infection. The staff moved their bodies by waving their hands and bending and stretching their legs according to the lyrics such as “Protect your life, first your life.”

The village plans to publish this video on YouTube, a video posting site, later this month.

A male staff member who participated said, “It was a good exercise to have fun dancing. I want you to watch the video and do gymnastics at any time.”

Toshiko Sakai, who devised the gymnastics, said, “This exercise is easy to understand and fun, so I would like you to watch the videos at various gatherings and feel free to move your body.”