Takeru Sato’s dance unintentionally changed to “Wow!” Art teacher and pediatrician

Actor Takeru Sato will appear in NTT DoCoMo’s new commercial “docomo 5G Let’s Accelerate Hope 2nd”, which will be broadcast nationwide (excluding some areas) from the 9th, and will change into a performer, an art teacher, and a pediatrician. .. In the “Entertainment (multi-angle stage) scene” where Takeru Sato challenged the first contemporary dance to perform a fierce dance, he co-starred with s ** t kingz who was in charge of choreography. Shooting proceeds in a peaceful atmosphere, such as having a conversation with the members while laughing between intense dances. Sato confirms the choreography in the meantime and is busy practicing. At the monitor check, the staff unintentionally leaked a voice saying “Wow!” And surprised the scene with perfect memory and expressiveness that I could not think of for the first time. In the “education scene”, you can see a smile talking to the children, and in the “telemedicine scene”, you can see a white coat gently calling out to the patient girl, “You did your best.” The CM song is a new song “Senryo Actor” written by King Gnu. Pay attention to the 5G world view expressed with a luxurious lineup. King Gnu s ** t kingz