Tea ceremony for the next Iemoto at a temple related to the tea ceremony “Urasenke” Kyoto

Tea ceremony at a temple related to the tea ceremony “Urasenke” The next Iemoto’s dedication tea ceremony Kyoto October 9, 14:57 A tea ceremony was held at a temple in Kyoto City on the 9th to dedicate tea to the ancestor Sen no Rikyu. Approximately 100 people, including those related to Urasenke, attended the dedication tea ceremony held at Jukoin Temple in Daitokuji, a temple related to Urasenke in Kita-ku, Kyoto.

At Urasenke, Sen Soshitsu, the second son of Sen Soshitsu, the 16th Iemoto, inherited the style of Wakamune Takumi, who will be the next Iemoto on the 8th.

At the ceremony on the 9th, Munefumi kneaded strong tea and dedicated it to his ancestor, Sen no Rikyu, in a solemn atmosphere watched by the attendees.

Then, sutra chanting and burning incense were performed, and it was reported that the form was inherited.

On the 9th, a tea ceremony will be held to showcase the succession of Wakamune Takumi, and on the 13th of this month, a tea ceremony and tea ceremony will be held at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo.

Mr. Chimune said, “I am full of feelings of tightness. I want to keep my feet on the ground as before.”