The biggest crisis for Ryosuke Yamada and Kei Tanaka’s brother Buddy!Father tells suspect in murder “Two Kiwadoi” Episode 5

The fifth episode of the drama “Kiwadoi 2 people-K2-Ikebukuro Station Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” (TBS series, every Friday from 22:00) starring Ryosuke Yamada will be broadcast on October 9.

This work is a criminal drama based on the criminal novel “K2 Ikebukuro Police Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” by Dai Yokozeki, who won the 56th Edogawa Rampo Prize. It depicts two people who have opposite values ​​and investigation policies and challenge the case while repeating conflicts.

Yamada will play Ryuichi Kanzaki, a new detective, and Kei Tanaka will play Kenji Kuroki, a half-brother of Kanzaki.

Ryuichi Kanzaki (Yamada) seeks to maintain a relationship between Kenji Kuroki (Tanaka) and his father, Kenzo Kanzaki (Kippei Shiina), while Kenzo entrusts Kuroki with a letter.

At that time, Taichi Ueda (Ikuji Nakamura), a police academy instructor whom Suenaga Koichi (Norito Yashima) was meeting with, was found dead. A second shooting corpse is found as investigators at the Ikebukuro station rush to unravel the case. Kanzaki and Kuroki’s father, Kenzo, emerged as suspects from the phone call history of the two victims, and Kanzaki was excluded from the investigation.

Furthermore, it turns out that the two murder cases are related to the “family-less standing-up case” that occurred 22 years ago, and Kuroki sets out to investigate alone.

In the previous broadcast, it was talked about on the Internet that Yamada wore a black school uniform during an undercover investigation into a high school, saying that he could still play a role as a high school student. Meanwhile, Nobuko Sendo appears in the role of a mysterious woman who shakes the relationship between Kanzaki and Kuroki. Expectations are high for what kind of development is waiting for the appearance of Sendo.