Yu Aoi and Issei Takahashi’s husband and wife “I want to co-star again” Kurosawa also praised the two

Actress Yu Aoi, actor Issei Takahashi, and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa will appear in the live talk live of the movie “Wife of a Spy ” (released on the 16th), co-starring episodes and the Silver Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival. He talked about the award. From the left, director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Yu Aoi, Issei Takahashi This work is the story of the eve of the Pacific War. Yusaku (Issei Takahashi), who runs a trading company in Kobe, accidentally discovers a terrifying state secret in Manchuria and tries to inform the world of the story. Yusaku, a husband who began to have a different face without the knowledge of his wife, Satoko (Yu Aoi). Still, the love for Yusaku drives Satoko. At the talk live, the trophy received from Venice was also unveiled. This is the first time in 17 years that a Japanese work has won the Silver Lion Award. Director Kurosawa said, “I was impressed that the trophy arrived and the name was engraved in the history of the movie.” Aoi said, “(I’m afraid) I don’t want to touch it at all, or there is a great amount of” pressure “.” Takahashi also agreed, “It’s the same. There is no sense of reality.” This is the second time that Aoi and Takahashi have played the role of a married couple. Asked about each other’s impressions and charms, Takahashi smiled and said, “I have full confidence in the play, so I couldn’t help but look forward to it.” Aoi enthusiastically requested re-co-starring, saying, “I am grateful to have been walking with me, knowing that I am a great senior. I would like to co-star again if possible!” Director Kurosawa praised the two as “showing a tremendous play.” About the work Takahashi says, “The fundamental themes for living humanly are sprinkled everywhere,” and Aoi says, “Some people are scarier than horror. Please enjoy the fun and horror at the theater. “Appeal. Director Kurosawa said, “Sometimes a fastball will fly to the person who is watching a great change ball, so please be prepared. It will not hurt you, but will surely stick in your heart. Please take it head-on. ” (c) 2020 NHK, NEP, Incline, C & I