Asuka Saito, what did you want to scream? Mizuki Yamashita & Minami Umezawa surprised

The blockbuster thank-you stage greeting of the movie “Keep Your Hands Off Eight!” (Released on September 25) was held in Tokyo on the 10th, and Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, and Minami Umezawa appeared. From the left, Minami Umezawa, Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita is a live-action version of the popular comic “Keep Your Hands Off the Video Lab!” (Written by Sumito Oowara / Shogakukan) serialized in “Monthly! Spirits”. Chemical work. Three high school girls (Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, Minami Umezawa) who dream of “the strongest world” and aspire to produce animation are depicted with a unique view of the world. At the event, Saito presented a letter of appreciation to the two juniors as a surprise. “Eh !? Thank you letter !?” (Yamashita) and “Is it from Asuka-san !?” (Umezawa), I would like to thank them again. Yamashita said, “It was a big harvest of” Video Lab “that I was able to discover a lot of interesting places in the mountains. I had a lot of body. The script was also tattered. I did my best. I was a junior and younger, but my life Yamashita said, “Thank you for following me so hard.” Yamashita was impressed, “I’m glad! Thank you! I’ll make it a heirloom. It’s amazing, it says Asuka Saito. It’s a difficult kanji.” In addition, Umezawa said, “Thank you for always having the capacity to be like a mother and wrapping her in that big body. I thought she was a serious person, but I realized that it wasn’t the only thing. I have a lot to learn. Please keep me eating a lot of delicious food. ” Umezawa was upset, “What should I do? I got this!”, “But I really took a picture with Asuka-san and it changed. I’m sure fans would have noticed it. I think I’ve become a half different person, so I have to express my gratitude again, “he said sincerely. On the contrary, a surprise gift was given to Saito from the two of them, and Saito was surprised, “What?!? I was wondering what it was! I want it!” “I wonder if Asuka will be the most pleased” (Yamashita), “I think I could have chosen because I knew Asuka” (Umezawa), the two people who showed confidence first said, ” Showing “the strongest lean meat”, Saito rejoices, “Oh la la la la la! It looks delicious! I did it !!”. When Yamashita handed over, “Please eat this lean meat and get big,” Saito grinned, “I’m not licking!”. Umezawa’s words, “It’s not over yet! Even if you have meat, you can’t do without it!”, Immediately responded with “Frying pan?” While being told, “Don’t say it before you see it!”, When the frying pan actually came out, Saito screamed, “I did it! Blue diamond! I did it! I’m happy! I’m happy!” “Yeah! I’m glad !! I’m glad we were two people already. I’m really glad” Video Lab “. I’m glad ~ !!” Yamashita was surprised, “I’ve seen Asuka-san for a long time.” It was.