“Heavy rain special warning” life-saved action in Miyake village Mikurajima village of Izu Islands

Miyake village in Izu Islands “Heavy rain special warning” life-help action in Mikurajima village on October 10 at 8:36 p.m.

At 5 p.m. on October 10, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued special warnings for heavy rain in Miyake and Mikurajima villages in the Izu Islands in Tokyo. In Miyake and Mikurajima villages, it is highly likely that major disasters such as landslides have already occurred due to heavy rains that have never been experienced before, and the largest level of vigilance is needed. Take actions that are likely to save your life even a little.

Announcement of the first special warning for heavy rain in the review of standards

In Miyake and Mikurajima villages in Tokyo, a special warning of heavy rain was announced for the first time in the Izu Islands.

This is because the Japan Meteorological Agency has revised its standards so that special warnings for heavy rain can be announced even in local heavy rains.

Until now, special warnings for heavy rain have separated the whole country into five kilometer square lattices.
And the amount of rain,
The Soil Rainfall Index, which estimates the amount of water absorbed into the ground, was announced as an index.

However, in some cases, special warnings were not announced despite major damage caused by local heavy rains such as sediment disasters on Izu Oshima Island in 2013, and the Japan Meteorological Agency reviewed the standards in July.

Under the new standards, rainfall is not used after the whole country is separated into 1 kilometer square lattices, and only the Soil Rainfall Index, which is considered to be highly relevant to disaster occurrence, is used as an index.

With this change, special warnings can be announced even on islands and torrential rains in a narrow area.

This is the first presentation in Miyake and Mikurajima villages since the standards were reviewed.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said, “Currently, there is a place where even the municipality where a special warning has not been announced has become a lump sum rain, and I want you to ensure safety according to the evacuation information of the municipality. Even if the heavy rain special warning is switched to the warning during the night, the risk of sediment disaster will continue, so I want the evacuation to continue until it becomes bright in the morning and safety can be confirmed.”