Taiwan’s President Liu calls for “dialogue on an equal level” military threat

Taiwan President Liu “Dialogue on an Equal Standpoint” Military Threat Seeking Self-Control October 10 21:57

On the 10th of the “Shuangyun-bushi,” which Taiwan regards as “National Foundation Day,” President Ban English said, “The stability of both sides of the Taiwan Strait is not one-sided and both sides are responsible,” and called on China to control its military threats and engage in dialogue on an equal front with Taiwan.

This year’s “Shuangyetsu” was greeted by further increased military pressure from China, with Chinese military aircraft approaching Taiwan’s airspace almost every day.
Speaking at a celebratory event held in front of taipei’s presidential office, He said, “Showing weakness and making concessions does not bring peace. It is only when we are fully prepared and strongly determined and able to defend that Taiwan’s security is ensured and regional peace is protected.”

On that basis, he said, “We are determined to maintain the stability of relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. However, this is not one-sidedly taken over by Taiwan, and both sides are responsible,” he said, calling on China to ease tensions by controlling military intimidation and engaged in dialogue on an equal note with Taiwan.

Chinese government ‘advised not to go too far on the wrong path’

Regarding Taiwan’s President Ban English’s speech, Liu Lian, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, which is in charge of Taiwan affairs in the Chinese government, issued a comment, criticizing “the speech re-revealed the essence of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities, who are trying to become independent by listening to Taiwan’s independence under confrontational thinking and hostile consciousness and misled the people of Taiwan.”

“The root cause of the tensions between the two sides is that the Democratic Progressive Party authorities are taunting and taunting with external forces without recognizing the principle of ‘one China’. Taiwan’s independence is a sul-de-s left, and I advise the Democratic Progressive Party authorities to stop any provocative words and actions aimed at independence and not to go too far on the wrong path.”