[Caution]In some cases, smartphone contracts affect mortgage loan screening.

One of the things I’m worried about when borrowing a mortgage is, “Do you pass the examination?” Even if you think that you meet the income requirements, you have no other borrowing, and you should pass the examination, in fact, there are cases where the smartphone contract becomes a bottleneck and you fail the examination, so be careful. Let’s see why smartphone contracts affect mortgage screening.

What is checked in the mortgage loan examination?

Income is the most important factor in mortgage screening. In other words, “Is there a stable income enough to repay the loaned money, is it expected?” “Is the property collateral value enough to recover the funds if repayment becomes difficult on the way?” .. In fact, even in the item of what is important in the mortgage loan examination of financial institutions, the ratio of repayment amount to income, the place of employment and occupation that is the source of income, employment type, borrowing ratio, etc. are particularly important. You can see that it has been done. By the way, regarding the main examination (formal examination on loan borrowing), 72.0% of the financial institutions surveyed answered that there was “almost no change” in the examination contents and changes in standards due to changes in the external environment such as the economy and capital adequacy regulations. Therefore, it can be said that this tendency will not change much in the future. In fact, apart from this, financial institutions may place importance on the examination. It’s “personal credit information.” Credit information is information related to credit and loan contracts and applications. For example, at CIC (Installment Sales Law / Money Lending Business Law Designated Credit Information Agency), the amount of installment balance and delinquency records when payment is made in installments with a credit card, etc. Records are to be retained for the duration of the contract and for 5 years after the contract ends. When a financial institution examines a mortgage, it always checks this credit information, so if there is any damage to the credit information, even if you work for a top-class company, there is a problem in terms of income and collateral. Without it, it will be difficult to pass a mortgage loan review.

Why does the smartphone contract affect me?

So why do smartphone contracts affect mortgage screening? In recent years, when making a smartphone contract, in most cases the terminal price is paid in installments together with the call charge.In such cases, the telecommunications company has a smartphone contractI made an “installment payment contract (installment payment)”, that is, I made a loanAs a result, I registered with a personal credit information agency and registered the monthly payment status after the contract. Therefore, for example, if the smartphone price is overdue for 3 months or more, the overdue record will be recorded in the personal credit information, that is, it will be blacklisted and you will not be able to borrow. .. Even if this is not a credit card payment, but a bank account debit or convenience store payment, if you do not pay, your credit information will be damaged, so be careful. The information on the blacklist will be deleted within 5 to 10 years from the date when the delinquency is resolved, the date when the debt is cleared, or the date when the guarantee company makes the substitute payment. Your credit information can be disclosed. It is possible to receive disclosure by mail or by going to the counter, but recently you can also view it on your smartphone or computer. Those who meet the income requirements, have no other loans, do not know why they did not pass the mortgage examination, or have been overdue in the past and are worried about how their credit information is registered Why don’t you try receiving information disclosure once? By the way, information disclosure is charged, for example, at CIC, Internet disclosure and credit card lump sum payment are 1,000 yen.

Beware of credit card credit lines

Of course, there are cases where credit card payments are overdue, of course, there are revolving payments, payments have not been completed using multiple credit cards, or cashing is used with credit cards. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to pass the loan examination. In addition, you need to be careful when paying for mobile phones and smartphones of the whole family in installments in the name of the head of household. If you put all the family members together, the amount paid in the installment payment contract will increase, and the amount that is considered to have a loan already in use will also increase, so the amount that can be borrowed with a mortgage will be reduced, and the desired amount In some cases, you cannot borrow money. Furthermore, unexpectedly, the blind spot is the case of having many credit cards. In the mortgage loan examination, even if you are not using the credit function, it is judged that there is a possibility of borrowing in the future just because the usage limit remains, so the borrowable amount is reduced by that amount. It will end up. When borrowing a mortgage, be sure to keep your financial position early on, such as canceling unused credit cards and repaying all cashing and revolving payments.Author: Chiharu Kaneko