From 18-year-old Runa Toyoda’s popping smile to gravure that is too fetish, 9 barrages

Kodansha’s comic magazine “Young Magazine” website “Yanmaga Web” gravure was released from the 5th to the 11th. On the Toyoda Luna site, all serialized works of Yanmaga are updated daily for free, and the original gravure is updated daily. On Monday, “Yanmaga Others!” Will feature Luna Toyoda and Shiori Ikemoto, a supernova in the gravure world, released by the 1st photo book “Moon -Luna-“. On Tuesday “Gravure is in a swimsuit XX”, Aya Hazuki, who is studying to become a dealer, challenges in Roppongi, and on Wednesday “Young actress, see from Gra? Do you see from Emo?” Carefully selected cuts will appear from the digital photo collection “First Step”. On Thursday, “Nude + 〇〇” fetish cut by Yuki Aoyama from the photo book “Naked Niippin” in “Enchanted Fetish Gras”. On Friday “Aya Natsume takes a picture!” Natsume Camera “1st”, Aya Natsume of Miss Magazine 2019 and Miss Weekly Shonen Magazine will make a new project to further improve her skills as a photographer shown in “Miss Magazine 2019 Photobook”. After the start, Cyber ​​Japan Dancers KAREN, HARUKA, JUNON, and NATSUNE appeared in “Cyber ​​Japan Dancers Digital Photobook Chira Show” on Saturday, causing a big sexy traffic jam at the gym and public bath. (C) Takao Karaki / Yanmaga Web (C) Kanouryoma / Yanmaga Web (C) LUCKMA / Yanmaga Web (C) Kanouryoma, Natsume Aya / Yanmaga Web (C) Inoue Taro / Yanmaga Web