Rapid topography on volcanic islands Miyakejima Mikurajima Be on the lookout for sediment disasters

Rapid topography on volcanic islands Miyakejima Mikurajima Be on alert for sediment disasters October 11 at 12:44 a.m.

Miyake island and Mikura island of Izu Islands are volcanic islands, and there are many areas where it is necessary to be alert to sediment disasters due to its rapid topography.
According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it is designated as a “sediment disaster warning area” with a high risk of sediment disasters.
314 locations in Miyake Village,
At 93 locations in the village of Mikurajima,
Among them, the “special warning zone” which is particularly dangerous is
266 locations in Miyake Village,
There are 77 places in the village of Mikurajima.

There are many cases where part of the village is in the sediment disaster warning area, and there is a possibility that damage may be caused to a wide area especially when debris flow occurs.

There is a risk of sediment disaster even after it has rained.

Before a sediment disaster occurs,
Pebbles fall from the slope
There is a crack in the slope.
In addition to suddenly springing up water from the slope and suddenly decreasing the water in the river, you may hear the sound of the mountain and the sound of the earth.
The omens do not always occur.

In addition, you may not notice the omens in windy or rainy conditions.

If the sawa is nearby, or if you are concerned about the structure of the building near a steep slope, try to move to a safe place as much as possible.

If it is difficult to evacuate due to heavy rain or wind, you may be able to ensure safety by “vertical evacuation” in rooms away from cliffs and slopes on the second floor or higher of a sturdy building.

Even after the rain has subsided, there is a high risk of sediment disasters. Be sure to spend time in a safe place.