Ferrari said to be “too ugly” ?! │ What is 328 Consiso without waste?

In 1993, the lesser-known German design shop Michalak decided to make the strangest Ferrari in existence. The new 328 “Consiso” was based on the Ferrari 328 GTS and became an extremely unique circuit machine. It is aimed at hardcore drivers and has been remodeled to have no roof or doors.

The slanted nose, small headlights and impossibly low-cut windshield are distinctive in appearance. It is unique in that it has a storage space for two helmets, eliminating waste in the interior. The styling was based on the design studio philosophy that “sports cars should be athletes.” It is 30% lighter than the base model, accelerating from 0 to 100km / h in 5 seconds, and has a top speed of 278km / h.

This strange one was first exhibited at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show. Nowadays it is even described as “the ugliest Ferrari concept” and “like a laughing shoe”, but in 1994 it won the European Design Awards. After being owned by a North American owner until 1998, he went to a Belgian collector and was displayed in the living room as an “object” rather than a car.

Although it was registered as a road in Belgium, the mileage has not been engraved, and it is only 6000 miles from the time of the new car. It wasn’t even exposed to the outside, so it’s still in very good condition. Two helmets are still left.

At the auction held in 2018, it was sold for 109,250 euros (currently about 13.61 million yen). There is no doubt that the appearance is a little “ugly”, but it is a history that we want to preserve for posterity.