Marbled Myojo, Miki, EXIT, presents for Ayame Goriki

Actress Ayame Goriki will appear as a guest on the TBS variety show “Marbled Miki XIT” (every Monday from 23:56 to 24:55), which will be broadcast on the 12th. Ayame Goriki The program, in which three groups of “comedy 7th generation”, Shimofuri Myojo, Miki, and EXIT serve as MCs, is a guest from a guest aiming for a higher-grade man = “Mr. Dandyism” The content is to take on various themes and themes in response to the “Lecture for becoming an adult man”. This time, with Ayame Goriki as a guest, the six MCs challenged the theme of “Let’s get along with top-class entertainers.” Beginning with performing arts activities from the age of 10, by making friends with Ayame Goriki, a leading entertainer who has traveled across the entertainment world for many years, he will challenge various projects as a talent to become a higher-grade man. In the program, 6 MCs will show off the presents that the MCs thought for their strength in order to improve their sense of what kind of presents to give to the co-stars. Some ridiculous gifts !? Who was the one who really shook the heart of strength? (C) TBS