President Trump’s immune post Twitter cautions

President Trump’s Immunted Post Twitter Cautions October 12 13:11

U.S. President Trump, who was hospitalized and treated for a time after being infected with the new coronavirus, posted on his Twitter account, “I’m immune, so I won’t infect people any more.” The operating company has taken steps to issue a cautionary statement about this post, “there is a risk that non-factary information may be spread” before users view it.
President Trump said in a telephone interview on FOX News’ Sunday Morning Futures today that he’s “very well, apparently immune to viruses.”

He also said that at an online event with supporters held on the same day, “the test was completely negative.”

The White House today released a report by its physician that “there is no risk of President Trump infecting others,” but it has not yet disclosed details such as test results.

In addition, President Trump posted on Twitter, “I am immune, so I will not be infected with a virus anymore, and I will not pass it on to people,” but the management company took steps to warn users that “non-factal information may spread” before users can view it.

President Trump wants to resume campaigning in the run-up to next month’s presidential election and hold rallies in hard-fabled states to make a full-scale comeback, but there are concerns that the spread of the infection will spread around the United States.