Reina Triendl & Runa sisters co-star for the first time at the event “This is already Gyoza shop !?”

Models Reina Triendl and Runa sisters served as store managers for the online event “Gyoza Station Internet Store” on the 11th, showing off how to make gyoza. This event, sponsored by Reina Triendl (right) and Runa Sisters Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, who showed off making gyoza, is a one-day event where general participants and the store manager connect with Zoom to bake gyoza together. It was the first time for the two to co-star at the event, and on the final day, they served as the store manager for one day under the theme of “Gyoza and talkative Sunday with the Triendl sisters.” Gyoza making started with the lovely “Gyoza pose”. Gyoza was completed with a perfect grilled color and was overjoyed, saying, “This is no longer a Gyoza shop !?”, and many participants applauded. When talking about their specialty dishes at the talk corner, Rena said “Minestrone made by Runa when I went to Paris” and Runa said “Chikuzen-ni made when I went to play at home”. There is also a scene where Rena peeks at her confidence, saying, “My Chikuzen-ni is really delicious.” When asked by a favorite person what food he wanted to cook, Rena said, “I used to be hayashi rice, but I haven’t had much success, so I’d like to make gyoza from now on! (Laughs).” The declaration was perfect for this event, and the participants were excited.