“Seriously too real” Enako shows off the cosplay of virtual river Tamaki Fumino, who has a cute absolute realm

Cosplayer Enako updated Twitter on the 11th (Sun). He showed off the cosplay of Tamaki Fumino, the official virtual river of the distribution app “Nijisanji”.

[Photo]”Seriously too real” world-class cosplayer, Enako’s transcendental quality cosplay

Enako is so active as Japan’s top cosplayer that she has been appointed as an ambassador for “Cool Japan” by the Cabinet Office. With over 1.2 million followers, the momentum is unstoppable.

Enako posted a cosplay figure of virtual river Tamaki Fumino, saying, “It’s not a job but a hobby cosplay.” Not only the cute looks with cat ears, but also the absolute area that you can glimpse is sexy.

This post is also retweeted by Tamaki Fumino. Even in the comment section, there were many acclaimed comments such as “It’s so cute that it’s insanely spoiled”, “It’s really too real! You can see it forever”, and “I’ll give you as many cats as you want!”

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▽ Enako
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