Arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury and serious injury to two members of the junior high school judo club advisory teacher

Junior high school judo club advisor teacher arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury and serious injury to two members october 13 13:40

A male teacher who serves as an advisor to the judo club at a junior high school in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, was arrested on Suspicion of injury on December 12 for causing serious and minor injuries to two students of a club member who ate ice cream in a dojo refrigerator without permission. According to the police, the teacher has denied some of the charges.
Arrested was Suspect Hohiro Ueno, 50, a teacher at Nagao Junior High School in Takarazuka City and an advisor to the judo club.

According to the police, Mr. Ueno was at the school’s judo hall on the 25th of last month.
After throwing a throwing technique to one of the first-year male students of the club, several times on both cheeks, causing a serious injury to break the spine,
Another person is suspected of injury for using a sleeping technique and slightly injuring his neck.

Because the ice cream that had been put in the refrigerator was lost, and two members of the club answered “I ate it”, it seems that the technique was applied, and it is said that it denies the charge in part by saying to the police investigation, “It is generally true, but it only sings the cheek once to wake up the student who was about to become conscious, and it does not hit it”.

Last month, I was consulted by the student’s parents with the police, and then I arrested Professor Ueno after the damage was reported, so I’m going to look into the situation further in the future.