Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Clinical Trials Suspended

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Clinical Trial Suspended October 13 at 12:54 PM

U.S. pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has revealed that it has temporarily suspended clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine under development. The company said the reason for the suspension was “because the participants of the exam had unexplained symptoms.”
Johnson & Johnson today announced that it has temporarily suspended clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine under development in the United States and other states.

The reason for the suspension is “because the participants of the clinical trial had unexplained symptoms,” but it was not clear what specific symptoms had appeared.

Johnson & Johnson, which began a third-stage clinical trial last month for up to 60,000 people world time around the world, said, “It’s not uncommon for serious adverse events to occur in large-scale clinical trials. We will carefully verify medical information and make a decision to resume it.”

In the future, an independent committee will verify the relationship with the vaccine based on the data and make a decision to resume it.

Clinical trials in Japan are also temporarily suspended

According to the Japanese subsidiary of Janssen Pharma, which is developing a vaccine for the new coronavirus as the pharmaceutical division of the Johnson & Johnson Group, clinical trials have been conducted in Japan since last month.

A total of 250 elderly people aged 65 and over, aged 20 to 55, were being tested in the first of three stages, but it was temporarily suspended from the 13th.

Janssen Pharma’s Japanese subsidiary says it is “currently collecting information and cannot comment on details.”

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Ken Ishii, a professor at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, who is familiar with vaccine development, said, “It is not uncommon for clinical trials of vaccines to be temporarily suspended. It is also necessary to avoid the spread of excessive reactions such as “vaccines are dangerous” due to interruptions. It’s an unusual situation for a phase of clinical trials to become news, and we shouldn’t worry about the progress of clinical trials.”

“Even if the vaccine is developed, it will take time to get to the general public, and I think many people recognize that vaccination does not mean that it is completely safe or able to return to its original life. We should stay calm and get more information.”