“Odor” report Substances contained in gasoline, etc. detected higher than usual

“Odor” report Substances contained in gasoline etc. Detected higher than usual October 13 18:10

In Yokohama City and Yokosuka City, there have been a series of reports of odors since June, and according to the City of Yokohama, as a result of analyzing the smelly air collected at the fire department building in Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama City on December 12, substances such as isopentane, pentane, and butane contained in gasoline were detected at higher values than in the normal atmosphere. The city does not immediately affect health.
According to the city of Yokohama, isopentane and pentane were detected more than 10 times the normal amount of chemicals in the atmosphere.

Butane was also detected about three times as much as normal, and ethylene and acetylene, such as raw materials for chemical products, were detected twice as much as normal.

The city said the source of these substances is unknown.

According to the city, the cause of the chemical substance cannot be expected at this time, including whether it is naturally derived or artificial.

On top of that, “we would like to accumulate such data and verify it thoroughly while sharing information with prefectures and countries.”