President Trump resumes campaign campaign first campaign rally after discharge from hospital in Florida

President Trump Resumes Campaign Campaign First Election Rally After Discharge in Florida October 13 at 8:38 AM

U.S. President Trump, who has been suspended from campaigning because of a new coronavirus infection, held his first campaign rally after leaving the hospital in southern Florida on Thursday, resuming campaigning in earnest. In response, former Vice President Biden, a Democrat, appealed for support in Midwestern Ohio, and the battle between the two sides is growing in the run-up to the upcoming voting day in three weeks’ time.
President Trump, infected with the new coronavirus, had suspended his campaign since October 2, but as treatment was over, he held his first campaign rally after leaving the hospital in southern Florida, a fiercely-fighting state, on the evening of October 12 and resumed campaigning in earnest.

President Trump, who took the stage without a mask, said, “Eradicate the virus
We are fighting to rebuild the economy and save this country from the radical left.”

On top of that, he appealed for support for re-election, noting that “in the election 22 days later, we will win in Florida and stay in the White House for another four years to make America even greater.”

Vice President Pence also spoke today in Midwestern Ohio, where a close battle is expected, and said, “The President and the First Lady are very well. The president will return to the campaign from today,” he said, calling for his support.

President Trump is scheduled to hold rallies in hard-f battleground states and other states for three consecutive days from this day, and plans to roll back Mr. Biden, who has a higher approval rating.

Mr. Biden, on the other hand, spoke in Ohio today, re-criticizing President Trump’s new coronavirus and said, “We have to change this situation,” and called for a change of government.

In the future, the two sides are increasing the number of rallies and television advertisements, mainly in the fiercely f battleground states, and the battle is becoming more intense.

enthusiastic supporters a long line of nearly a kilometer

Around the venue where President Trump’s campaign rally will be held, enthusiastic supporters had been forming a long line of nearly a kilometer before the president arrived.

With temperatures exceeding 30 degrees and strong sunshine, supporters sat on the side of the road with parasols and folding chaires, waiting for the venue to enter.

A man in his 20s who lives nearby said, “I think President Trump will show up in a state of well-recovered. It would be nice if we could give our energy to a president who has overcome a difficult time with infection.”

Another woman said, “President Trump is a strong man. Because I was treated for the new coronavirus with the best medicine, I think that such a medicine will be made to reach the people. It’s finally time to resume the election rally. I’m really looking forward to seeing the President.”

President Trump’s doctor “negative for antigen testing”

President Trump’s doctor announced today that the president’s most recent test for the new coronavirus “has been negative every day in antigen testing.”

President Trump said at an online event with supporters the day before that he was negative as a result of tests, but this is the first time a doctor has expressed such a view.

On top of that, the doctor explained that the president had completed the isolation because it was thought that the virus did not increase due to the amount of the virus and the data of the PCR test, and “considering these data and the guidelines for preventing CDC infection, we have already judged that there is no risk of infecting people.”