Apple Announces 5G-Enabled iPhone12 Let’s Get Started with Major 5G Devices

Apple Announces “iPhone12” with 5G Support October 14 at 6:16 AM

Apple, the U.S. IT giant, announced this month that it will begin selling smartphones compatible with the latest communications standard, the 5G. With the available 5G terminals of major companies, competition from each company is likely to become even more intense.
Apple held an online launch today to show off its latest smartphone, the iPhone12.

There are four models in total, all of which are compatible with the latest communication standard “5G” for the first time, and it also improves the performance of the camera and allows you to shoot photos and videos more clearly.

The price of the standard size model in Japan starts at 85,800 yen, accepts reservations from the 16th of this month, and will go on sale on the 23rd of this month.

Apple usually announces a new smartphone in September, which is expected to have shifted to this time of year due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

5G compatible smartphones have already been released by Sony, Samsung Electronics in South Korea, Huawei in China, and Google in the U.S., and now we have products from major companies.

Since smartphone shipments have fallen due to the worsening global economy caused by the spread of the new coronavirus, manufacturers are expecting to stimulate demand on 5G-enabled models, and competition is likely to become even more intense.

What is the share of smartphone companies around the world?

According to IDC, an American research firm, the total number of smartphones shipped world time in the three months from April to June was 278.4 million units.

The stagnation in economic activity caused by the spread of the new coronavirus was a significant decrease of 16% compared to the same period in the previous year.

The share by manufacturer was 20% for Huawei in first place, 19.5% for Samsung Electronics in second place, and 13.5% for Apple in third place.

Smartphones tend to be sluggish due to the increasingly high functionality and longer replacement cycles, and manufacturers and telecommunications companies want to revitalize the market with 5G-compatible models, as shipments tend to slow down and the effects of the new Coronavirus are added.