Belarus Anti-government faction “National strike if president does not announce resignation”

Belarus Anti-government factions: If the president does not announce his resignation, he will be on strike nationwide on October 14 at 8:48 a.m.

Mr Tsihanovskaya, an anti-regime protester in Belarus who has been in turmoil for more than two months, warned that if President Lukashenko did not announce his resignation by the 25th of this month, he would begin strike all over the country. It is thought that it wants to lead to the breakthrough of the situation.
In Belarus, president Lukashenko has remained in power, while citizens have protested against the announcement that President Lukashenko was elected in August’s presidential election.

Mr. Tsihanovskaya, an anti-government official, said on social media today that President Lukashenko should announce his resignation by the 25th of this month and should stop violence against protesters.

He warned that if he did not do so, he would expand protests, such as starting strikes all over the country on the 26th of the following day.

While Mr. Tsihanovskaya looks forward to international pressure by meeting with leaders from France, Germany and other countries and speaking at UN meetings in the face of President Lukashenko’s resignation, President Lukashenko continues to take a tough stance with Russia as his back.

Anti-government factions such as Mr. Chihanovskaya are expected to expand their protests and lead to a breakthrough in the situation, gaining momentum from the intensifying anti-government protests in Kyrgyzstan, the same former Soviet Union, and the incumbent president’s intention to resign.