Kaoru Karēzawa’s family life 216th Human Wolf

Kaoru Karēzawa, who is active as a manga artist and columnist, talks about various themes around him, including family life. → Click here for the story so far The theme of this time is “human wolf”. I think the reason why this theme came is because I was playing a wolf game for a while, but I’m really scared because I should have talked about such a story only a few times on Twitter. In this way, human wolf lurks everywhere in our daily lives. No one should believe because they are all enemies. The human wolf game is a game in which a lurking human wolf is found and hung (sic), but who is hung is decided by a majority vote, and sometimes innocent citizens want to stop by and say, “He is a human wolf.” It may be broken and hung. I think it’s a game modeled after the marginal villages of Japan, but if so, I feel the limits of fiction, which is a little less miserable. It’s fun as a game, but I don’t play much now. Because the human wolf is a conversational game, it is difficult to play against a computer opponent, and in order to make it an interesting level as a game, it is necessary to gather about 8 people. That’s more than the total number of friends I’ve ever had. By the way, “people who think that this is a friend but do not know what the other person thinks” are also counted. Of course, you can use the net to play with strangers, but the Werewolf is basically a game of doubting people, so it tends to be awkward. Sure, we can say on Twitter that it’s too dashing, or send rants or obscene rips to celebrities you’ve never met, but it’s just soliloquy or someone who’s looking backwards. You can do it just by throwing words at the back of your head. You can only say “I’ll write it on Twitter when I get home” without saying anything to the person who is facing me, or even the person who argues against Amatsu. Therefore, I only work as a human wolf with a certain identity, but in that case, it is difficult for men to gather, so I ended up not doing much. It was fun and I would love to try it if I had the chance, but I already know that the Werewolf is a game that is “unsuitable” for me from all directions. First of all, in reality, I can’t speak, but as you know, I’m very fine online. However, this does not mean that “you can communicate smoothly with others via the Internet”, but that it is just a minor change from “communicative disease that cannot speak” to “communicative disease that speaks”. Speaking communism is characterized by “speaking a lot of words and annoyance”. In the early stages of human wolf, it tends to be like “I have no clue, so let’s hang it from a noisy guy for the time being”, so it is better not to stand out at first. But because he can’t keep silent, he tends to be suspicious at first, and he’s not good at speaking just because he speaks a lot. When I was suspicious, I couldn’t make a good excuse and dug a grave, or even though I was noisy until a while ago, the moment I was suspicious, I often silently asked, “Did you fall?” It often happens. And “don’t listen to people”. This is a fatal flaw at the level of “Why did you decide to do a human wolf?” It’s like coming to a road race tournament with a bicycle without a saddle. A human wolf is important not only for his own remarks, but also for listening to people’s remarks and inferring the position of the other party and finding contradictions. Nonetheless, he is so focused on what he says that he often does not understand what everyone knows. And “I can’t read the air.” In the human wolf, there are scenes where tacit understanding is required even if it is not expressed in words. However, even before it started in real life, at a meeting where people agreed to “finish early and go home”, for some reason I tend to swear my opinion, so I tried to hang a person who was different from everyone’s intention. , That is often the cause of defeat. Furthermore, “there is no coordination”. I feel like “this is all”, but I’m not interested in “team play” in the first place. The human wolf is basically not an individual battle, but a battle between the civil camp and the human wolf camp. In other words, even if you die, if your camp wins, you win. However, I’m not very interested in it. The werewolf has a variety of positions, and sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice for the victory of his camp instead of surviving. However, even if I become a goalkeeper, I think about “deciding a shot”. I’m more concerned about how I act like a cap wing than a team victory. The wolf game is still good, but if there is such a type in the company, the damage is immeasurable. I always thought that it was not suitable for society, but I was able to reconfirm that it was “not really suitable” by playing the Werewolf game. I would like to once again apologize to those who caused a great deal of inconvenience when I was a company employee. And if you have a chance to play a wolf with me, be sure you lose when I’m in your camp.

Manga artist and columnist. Born in 1982. While working as an office worker, he writes with two pairs of straw sandals. Since his debut work “Kremlin” (2009), “National Cat Murayama”, “Bite Komei-kun”, “Ammoral Customize Z” (all 2012), “Nikoniko Hanshoku Akuma” (2013), He produces sharp works such as “Loss Technology” (2014, paperback edition 2015) and Web serialized manga “Yarihen” (2015). “Soft. Section Manager Souji Kida” is now on sale in 3 volumes.Click here for a list of articles by this author