Tokyo’s Corona Virus kills 2 new 177 people infected more than 100 for 2 consecutive days

Tokyo Corona Virus Kills 2 New 177 People Infected More than 100 People 2 Days in a Row October 14 at 10:37 PM

In Tokyo, a series of new coronavirus infections were confirmed in hospital inpatients with clusters and members of the university’s athletic department, and 177 people were newly confirmed in Tokyo on the 14th, and more than 100 people were admitted for two consecutive days.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced today that a total of 177 men and women between the ages of 10 and 90 have been confirmed infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.

By age group
Two people under the age of 10,
16 teenagers,
47 people in their 20s,
23 people in their thirties,
27 people in their 40s,
18 people in their 50s,
13 people in their 60s,
14 people in their 70s,
15 people in their 80s,
There are two people in their 90s.

One after another infection confirmation in the exercise department of the hospital and the university of the cluster occurrence

Of the 177 people, about 48 percent, 85 were heavily contacted by people who had been confirmed infected so far, and 92 of the remaining 52 percent said the route of infection has not been known so far.

The breakdown of the thick contact person is
The largest number of people in the facility is 33 people,
23 people in the family,
There are 11 people at the dinner party,
7 people in the workplace,
There are three people involved in the restaurant with entertainment that is open at night.

In the case of infection at the facility, 16 inpatients and three nurses were confirmed at Ouchi Hospital in Adachi Ward, and a total of 47 people were reported to the hospital in Tokyo.

In addition, the infection of three nurses and one inpatient was newly confirmed at Mingrikai Central General Hospital in Kita Ward.
A total of 14 people were involved in the hospital, which was reported to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In addition, 11 people were newly confirmed in the karate club and two in the volleyball club on the 14th at Nippon University, where the infection of 26 members of the volleyball club had been confirmed by the 13th.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government believes that the infection spread through living in the same dormitory and club activities.

It is the second day in a row that more than 100 people have been confirmed infected in Tokyo per day.

A total of 28,136 people have been confirmed infected in Tokyo.

On the other hand, the number of severe patients as of the 14th, which was calculated by the standards of the capital, decreased by two from the 13th to 25.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government also revealed that two men and women in their 70s who had been confirmed infected had died.

Both of them had basic diseases.

This brings the total number of people killed in Tokyo to 425.

Inpatients decreased by 75 to 1008

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, of the 28,136 people who were confirmed infected by the 14th in Tokyo, 1,008 were hospitalized, down 75 from the 13th.

Of the inpatients, the number of severely ill patients compiled by the standards of the capital decreased by two from the 13th to 25.

As of April 14, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has secured 150 beds for critically ill patients and 2490 beds for patients with mildele or less.

In addition, the number of people recuperating at home is 272, down 53 from the 13th.

The number of people with mild or asynacles who are recuperating at nine hotels opened and operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has increased by seven from the 13th to 301.

In addition, the number of people who are being adjusted to be admitted to a medical institution or recuperate at a hotel or at home is 284, up 12 from yesterday.

On the other hand, there are 25,846 people who have already left the hospital or have finished recuperation at home.