Corona Virus “Increasing and Decreasing Factors” Government Subcommittee

Corona Virus “Increase and Decrease Factors” Government Subcommittee October 15 21:41

As for the status of the infection of the new coronavirus, which is currently increasing and decreasing, the government’s subcommittee on countermeasures has compiled a proposal calling on the government to show based on a detailed analysis of what specific actions are at high risk.
At the government subcommittee meeting held on The 15th, we compiled recommendations to the government based on expert analysis of the status of infection.

The recommendation is that the current infection situation has continued to show a significant increase due to the increase and decrease in infection, but not a sharp decrease.

The reason for the increase is that the desire to return to normal life as much as possible is fostered and activities are active, and the place where clusters are generated is diversified.
The reasons for the decline include locations with a high risk of infection and refraining from actions.

However, it is said that there is a risk that the infection will spread if the chain of clusters occurs in some areas where the cause of the increase and decrease is not strange even if it collapses at any time, and there is actually an increasing trend.

Then, in the subcommittee,
Based on a detailed analysis of what specific actions are at high risk to the government,
We asked them to take early measures to prevent the spread of the infection from the cluster.

Shigeru Hio, chairman of the subcommittee, said, “It is the responsibility of experts to explain what is behind the current infection situation and what to do in the future. I would like the government to promptly send out an easy-to-understand message about what actions are at high risk of infection and what actions are low.”