Golf Japan Open opens with Takumi Kanaya, the world’s best professional player

Golf Japan Open opens at 10:38 a.m. on October 15th, the first match of the professional conversion by Takumi Kanaya, the world’s best professional player.

The Japan Open, a major golf tournament in Japan, began on the 15th.
Attention is paid to Takumi Kanaya, a fourth-year student at Tohoku University of Welfare. This is the first Japanese amateur to win the world’s best medal, and he is expected to play a role in the future of men’s golf. In the first match of the professional conversion, I will challenge for the title of the best golfer in Japan.

Japan’s first Ama player in the world

Kanaya, a fourth-year student at Tohoku University of Welfare, is a 22-year-old from Hiroshima Prefecture. He is 72 cm tall. The exact shots that come out of it are the real thing, and I have absolute confidence in the accuracy of my shots and putts.
Last November’s domestic tour tournament saw him make a far-distance eagle putt at No. 18 on the last day, became the fourth player in amateur history to win the Tour.

Last year, I passed the qualifying round at the Masters Tournament of an overseas major, and this was the first time for a Japanese athlete to win a medal for the best amateur athlete in the world.

Takumi Kanaya
“I’m very happy that I’ve engraved my name. I think I have to work even harder.”

Turned pro this month

Kanaya announced this month that he wanted to aim for a higher level. It’s about keeping up with the players you’re aiming for.
It was Hideki Matsuyama, a senior at the university who was six years older than him. When they compete in the same tournament overseas, they eat together and get advice.

Takumi Kanaya
” (Matsuyama) is my role model, and I’m very active in the world and practice, and I spend my days thinking about golf. I’m a longing player now, but I’m close in age, so I want to be a player who seems to be a rival as soon as possible.”

Is it going to be a difficult course capture?

This year’s Japan Open. It boasts one of the most difficulty levels, such as deep rough and large greens.
Can you take full use of the accuracy of your shots and putts on this difficult course? Kanaya measured the slope of the green in advance. I practiced as much as time allowed to improve the accuracy even a little.
This is the first time I’ve been to the Japan Open since I turned professional. In the first step to connecting to the world, we will challenge for the title of the best in Japan.

Takumi Kanaya
“My biggest goal is to be the best in the world. I don’t think that kind of achievement has anything to do with becoming a professional anymore, so I’d like to start from the top and aim for the championship first.”

NHK will broadcast the event on general television and BS1.