Kaya Kiyohara, what’s the crushing moment? “When I went to a flower shop in private …”

Actress Kaya Kiyohara was appointed as the new image character of Citizen Watch “wicca”, and the WEB video that appeared was released on the 15th. From the web video “The True Identity of Sowasawa” starring Kaya Kiyohara, the video is a four-piece set with the theme of “a crushing premonition.” “My time” to spend a happy time of your own while enjoying the latte art, “Flowers and dresses” to reach for flowers of the color that suits your feelings at the flower shop, “New family” smiling at the dog who is pleased with the walk 』, Draw a” fidgeting identity “that is fidgeting for a date with a favorite man. Pay attention to Kiyohara’s transparent and gentle expression that expresses the “crush” of various things. At the same time, making and interviews are also released. In the interview, I also heard a private story that matched the content of the video. ――About this shooting, I shot a total of 4 patterns, but at the very beginning, there was a scene at a cafe. So I shot a scene in which a bear with a sad face depicted in latte art was made to smile with a muddler. It’s very difficult to move latte art. While struggling a little, I enjoyed shooting the scene there. ――In private, the “beating moment” like this video had a similar scene in the scene I shot today, but when I went to a flower shop in private, it was really cute. Meet a wonderful cactus. I was so excited that I bought it as it was and went home. ――There is a line that says, “I am the one who can make me happy,” but to feel happy is to live a regular life. In this season, I would get up early so that I could see the morning sun, make breakfast, and clean the room. I am spending my time thinking that such things are my daily happiness.