Naomi Majima transforms into a cute and sexy DJ idol full of bare skin? “Too good to die Kyun”

Naomi Majima, a talent belonging to Zeroichi Familia, updated Twitter on Wednesday, 14th. She showed off her cute and sexy DJ idol costume.

[Photo]Also pay attention to the absolute area of ​​miniskirt x knee high, Naomi Majima in DJ idol style costume

Naomi Majima, a “doll-type beauty” who is attracting attention with her unusual style, such as proclaiming her love for AV and making proposals for shooting planning meetings. It is gaining popularity mainly on SNS due to its neat appearance and plump bust.

Majima released the shooting costume for the 2021 calendar, “What is this costume?” Beautiful skin spreads from the off-shoulder tops, and it is cute but full of sex appeal.

Various answers such as “Virtual idol-like!”, “Costumes that mislead boys”, and “Pink Rabbit!” Arrived from fans to this question of Majima. Many people were expecting the calendar to be released as soon as possible.

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