Rio Asumi makes her first appearance in the morning drama in “Ochoyan”! 11 new cast members announced

It was revealed on the 15th that Rio Asumi, a former Takarazuka otokoyaku top star, will appear in the late 2020 NHK serial TV novel “Ochoyan” (starting on November 30) starring Hana Sugisaki. It will be the first appearance in the morning drama. Tomorrow’s 103rd “Asadora”, “Ochoyan,” is modeled after the comedy actress Chieko Naniwa, who is still synonymous with Kamigata actress and has been popular as “Osaka’s mother.” Set in Osaka from the Taisho era to the Showa era before, during, and after the war, Chiyo Takei, a heroine born in a poor family, depicts a turbulent life running up the path of an actress. The title “Ochoyan” is an Osaka word meaning “small maid” who works at teahouses and restaurants. This time, a cast has been announced that plays the people of the comedy troupe “Tsurukame Family Drama” and the play teahouse “Okayasu”, which will become like a family to Chiyo. Tomorrow Umi will play Ruriko Takamine, an actress from the Shinpa school. Once a popular actress who played the leading role in Tokyo, he was asked by President Tsuruzo Oyama to join the members of the Tsurugame family drama, and he had a high pride and was initially a fool of comedy, but gradually actress The soul is on fire. In addition, Kantaro Soganoya, Eiji Kocho, Nobuyuki Otsuka, Ryotaro Okawa, Kiyo Matsumoto, and Ryotaro Sakaguchi will appear as members of the Tsurugame family drama. Kaoru Kusumi, Shiori Doi, Sawa Nimura, and Chisa Furuya will appear as people working in Okayasu.