Driver’s license and My Number card policy to be singled out as early as 2026

Driver’s license and My Number Card Policy for 2026 as early as October 16, 19:24

On the digitization of driver’s licenses, After meeting with Minister Kono and other ministers in charge of regulatory reform, Mr. Kobaki made clear to reporters that he would introduce a system to single out my number card and driver’s license as early as 2026.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Mr. Kobaki met with Mr. Kono, Minister for Regulatory Reform, and Mr. Hirai, Minister for Digital Reform, to discuss the digitization of driver’s licensees.

After the meeting, Mr. Kobtsuki, chairman of the National Public Safety Committee, told reporters, “We will register the driver’s license information on the IC chip of the My Number Card and bring it together. Procedures such as address change will also be made a one-stop service, and renewal procedures will be possible outside of the area where you live.”

He also formulated a process chart by the end of the year and indicated that he would complete the work to unify the system for managing information on different licenses in each prefecture by fiscal 2025.