Establishment of a new working group to promote “dialogue with society” at the Academic Conference

The Academic Conference to Establish a New Working Group to Promote Dialogue with Society October 16 at 6:22 AM

With the appointment of six potential members recommended by the Science Council of Japan, the Academic Council has decided to establish two new working groups to promote dialogue by widely conveying activities and roles to society.
In response to the absence of six potential members recommended by the Science Council of Japan, the Science Council submitted a request to Prime Minister Kan to clarify the reason and to appoint him again, and the Liberal Democratic Party set up a working team to consider the state of the academic conference and began discussions.

Takaaki Shibata, President of the Academic Conference, announced on March 15 that he would take responsibility for this matter with executives and other members, and announced that two new working groups will be established in the academic conference to promote dialogue by widely conveying the activities and roles of the academic conference to society.

One of the two working groups promotes dialogue with a wide range of societies, including the national government and citizens, and the other promotes the sharing and dialogue of information with related academic societies and members.

In addition to the extremely large impact of science and technology on society, we continue to respond to the recovery of socio-economics damaged by the Corona Virus, and we are more required to make recommendations to the national government and society from an academic standpoint, and we will strive to fulfill our role better by responding to the problems facing society.