Kaito Takahashi’s first narration in the drama “Used in the play”

Kaito Takahashi of the idol group King & Prince will be in charge of the narration for the Kansai Fuji TV drama “Sister’s Lover” (starting on the 27th, every Tuesday from 21:00). (From left) Ryoka Minamide, Kasumi Arimura, Wataru Hinata, Kaito Takahashi = Provided by Kantere The main character, Momoko Adachi (Kasumi Arimura), who feeds her three younger brothers with one female hand, and other unique characters The drama that tells the story of love and family love. Takahashi will appear in the role of Momoko’s younger brother, Waki, but from that standpoint, she sometimes gives a bird’s-eye view of the story and sometimes speaks gently to Momoko. Appearing at key points in the drama, it will be a presence that further enhances the character of Momoko and the positive world view of the drama, and it is said that Kazuki’s unexpected true intentions for her sister may be seen and hidden. Takahashi, who will be the first narration challenge this time, said that he was “very surprised” when he heard this offer. In the recording, “I had a feeling of tension that was different from the usual exchanges at the Adachi family, but I tried to make it easy to understand and polite. Depending on the broadcast times, the bright and gentle Kazuki usually appears on the surface. There are times when the feelings that aren’t there are depicted, and Kazuki was actually thinking about this … and there are places where this narration is used in the play. ” He added, “I’m shooting every day, but with each episode, I’ve become more and more aware that I’m living in the Adachi family, and I’m having a lot of fun shooting.” “There are a lot of emotions and sorrows in this work, and the charm of the script by Mr. Okada (Yoshikazu) is full, and the acting myself is also relaxed. I hope that it will reach everyone well. It’s a drama that blows away negative emotions, so I definitely want you to watch it! ”