Kawasaki City City Hospital does not disclose a small claim for utility costs used by suppliers

Kawasaki City City Hospital requests less utility costs for supplier use October 16 at 5:33 a.m.

It was found that the municipal hospital in Kawasaki City had charged more than 11 million yen less than the actual utility costs used by the restaurant management company in the hospital. The city did not disclose it while grasping it three years ago.
According to Kawasaki City, Ida City Hospital in Nakahara Ward charged about 11 million yen less than the actual amount for utility and water charges used by restaurant companies in the hospital for about six years until March 2018.

It was discovered three years ago by another supplier, but the city did not disclose it and did not report it to the council, and it is said that it was discussing the correspondence with the trader after that.

As a result, 7.5 million yen has been paid so far, but the remaining nearly 4 million yen is not expected to be recovered, and it has also proposed to wag rents of approximately the same amount as 11 million yen without formal documentation.

The city said it was caused by not being able to accurately grasp the amount of electricity and hot water used by the suppliers, and held a press conference on the 15th and said, “I am sorry for the inconvenience to the citizens and the people concerned. The failure to make it public promptly and the subsequent procedures were inappropriate.”