Neo Unemployed Women’s Ramen Memorandum 30th Immoral Garlic Pork Soy Sauceless Noodles

Oops morning. This is Sakamura. The seasons are getting colder little by little, and autumn and winter are just around the corner. Personally, it’s a season I don’t want to visit because I’m one year old again in winter. In anticipation of such a cold season, a devil’s Christmas gift came down from Sanyo Foods. “Immoral garlic pork soy sauceless noodles”. The yellow and black Gothic fonts are full of déjà vu. Despite being widely claimed as immoral garlic, the double claim of “I’m putting garlic in the center!” Tells how bad garlic is. The pig logo drawn on the upper left also gives off an evil aura that seems to start singing death metal at any moment. When you open the lid, you will find a special seasoning sauce and a special soup powder. The noodles are quite thick. Pour hot water and start cooking for 5 minutes. I feel like I’m doing the devil’s necromancy. When I put everything in and stirred it, the garlic devil came down at the speed of a second. If this garlic odor is not the only thing, the room will be covered in an instant. This product may have been created because the current social distance life and home guard life are the main focus. It’s dangerous at the level where the last three letters come to mind the moment you eat at work, school, or in a public place. Not only the sauce but also the garlic chips are studded with it, so a chemical reaction may occur and the scent may have power. I’ll try it right away. This is … the scent of garlic passes through my nose every time I slurp it. Waiting ahead, the taste is reminiscent of Jiro. Pork bone 10%: I feel that it is occupied by about 90% of garlic. The noodles weigh 130 grams, so even cup noodles have a lot of volume. Kaiji’s line “It’s a devilish goodness” by Tatsuya Fujiwara is repeated in the brain. Personally, I thought there might be some taste change with mayonnaise to ease the dictatorship of garlic, so I immediately took it out of the refrigerator. It is not immoral to go this far. It’s a deadly sin. Moreover, I feel like a thug because of the time of midnight. Carrying the cross of calories and garlic odor, there is no choice but to be sanctioned in a dream. However, I personally thought that it would be more delicious to eat with mayonnaise. After all, I think that the taste of Jiro is different, so it seems that there was no mistake in this choice. It was a gift of horror like the Nightmare Before Christmas. When you open it and pour hot water, you should be prepared. Let’s just say that you shouldn’t eat on the day you plan to meet people.

Sakamura Yukhoe Neo A person who writes letters while being a drinker (liquor lover) who is completely unemployed. My favorite foods are Kakuhai and noodles. My hobby is watching and reading movies and books.

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