U.S. presidential election Mr. Trump rallies in two states a day.

U.S. presidential election Mr. Trump rallies in two states a day October 16 at 7:55 a.m.

With three weeks to go until the U.S. presidential election, President Trump plans to hold rallies in two states a day over the weekend, mainly in states that are fiercely contested by Democratic Mr. Biden, and is ready to make every effort to win back by appealing directly to voters for their support.

With three weeks to go until next month’s three-day U.S. presidential election, Democratic Party of Japan’s Biden continues to lead President Trump in support of national polls.

President Trump is held daily election rallies around the hotly f battlegroundd states, and on the 15th he held a large rally in North Carolina before visiting southern Florida.

The two states won a close battle in the last election four years ago, but this time Mr. Biden is slightly above the average poll’s approval rating.

In his speech, President Trump said, “Mr. Biden has drained jobs overseas and betrayed North Carolina workers. We can be re-elected if we win in North Carolina.”

President Trump is scheduled to hold a series of rallies in two states a day, including Florida and Georgia on the 16th and Michigan and Wisconsin on the 17th.

On the other hand, the TV debate of the presidential candidate scheduled for the 15th was canceled due to the confrontation between the two sides, and it is an unusual development that both candidates participate in a dialogue meeting with voters organized by another television station at the same time on the morning of the 16th of Japan time.

Expert “Mr. Trump, something dramatic is needed to reverse”

Carlin Bowman, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, told an interview with NHK today that President Trump “needs something dramatic” to reverse, as Mr. Biden, a Democrat, leads in a number of polls.

In it, Mr Bowman said of the next round of dialogue with voters hosted by television stations, “It may be an opportunity to regain the support President Trump lost in recent polls. Mr. Trump needs something quite dramatic to change the current situation.”

On top of that, President Trump’s prompt resumption of campaigning and a rally of supporters after the new coronavirus infection said, “President Trump thinks it’s effective to interact directly with voters and appeal for policies, and he’s actually enthrroging his supporters. President Trump likes to talk about the achievements and challenges of his administration at rallies, but he needs to do more by the voting day to win the election.”

On the news that President Trump’s camp will reduce campaigning in some states, including hard-franed states, Bowman said, “There is certainly talk that the Trump camp has financial challenges. It’s possible that we’re turning resources, such as funds, from struggling states to states that still have the potential to win.”

As for the focus of the final round, he said, “The Corona Virus antivirus is very important and is Mr. Biden’s strength. On the other hand, the economy is always an important concern of the people, and President Trump has strengths. These are the two things I’m most interested in in the final stages of the campaign,” he said, expressing the view that responding to the new coronavirus and the stalled economy will be key.

What is the situation in the “battle state”?

According to the U.S. political information site Real Clear Politics, the average approval rating of polls across the United States is
Mr. Biden was 51.7%
President Trump said 42.3%
Mr Biden took a 9.4-point lead, and the gap has widened since the end of last month.

However, because the U.S. presidential election adopts a “winner-taking system” in which candidates who win as many as one vote in most states can win all of the electors assigned to that state, the victory or defeat in a “battle state” where there are many electors and both candidates compete will determine the outcome.

Of particular interest was the last time Mr. Trump overturned most expectations and won the election.
The State of Pennsylvania
With the three states of Wisconsin,
North Carolina
Arizona, U.S.A.
There are a total of six states in Florida.

The average approval ratings for these states as of May 15 are all led by Mr. Biden, and the difference is
7.2 points in Michigan
6.5 points in Pennsylvania,
6.3 points in Wisconsin
3.5 points in Arizona,
3.3 points in North Carolina
This is 2.7 points in Florida.

On average, Mr. Biden’s lead was 4.9 points, a small difference in the approval rating between candidates compared to the same point in the previous presidential election four years ago, and it is a fierce battle.

Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Harris Suspends Face-to-Face Activities

Senator Harris, the vice presidential candidate for the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, has announced that he will stop campaigning face-to-face this week after camp staff were infected with the new coronavirus.

Two people were infected with the new coronavirus, including a public relations staff member who was acting with Congressman Harris.

Harris himself had no deep contact with the two, and although the tests were negative, he said he would stop playing in southern North Carolina, which had been scheduled as a precaution, and switch to online campaigning.