WHO concerned about re-expansion of European corona “Now is the time to take additional regulatory measures”

WHO Concerned About European Corona Re-Expansion “Now Is the Time to Take Additional Regulatory Measures” October 16 at 7:08 AM

The World Health Organization expressed strong concern about the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in Europe, saying “now is the time to take additional regulatory action” and assessed the introduction of new regulations by countries.
According to WHO, the number of infected people per day exceeded 120,000 for the first time on the 9th and 10th of this month in Russia and Europe, and countries are strengthening regulations one after another.

“We are very concerned about the worsening of the infection situation in Europe,” Kruge, director general of the WHO European Regional Secretariat, said at a press conference on May 15. “Now is the time to take additional regulatory measures,” he said, noting that the number of infected people and the number of people hospitalized is increasing, and that countries are introducing new regulations.

According to WHO, the number of newly confirmed infected people in Russia and Europe has doubled to triple compared to April, but the number of people who die is less than one-fifth, and the number of tests has increased and the oxygen inhalation system has been established.

The WHO has also called on countries to keep an eye on the flu epidemic, as a simultaneous outbreak with the new coronavirus is likely to put additional strain on medical institutions during the up-to-come flu epidemic season.