Daikane Okuhira, acting in rebellion against “mother” Yo Yoshida “while hurting my heart …”

Actor Yoshino Kimura and Yoshida will be starring in the production announcement of the TBS Friday drama “Love Mothers” (starting October 23, every Friday from 22:00) on the 17th by actor Daikane Okuhira. I attended with sheep, Riisa Naka, Ryuya Miyase, and Daisuke Fujiwara. Daikane Okuhira and Yo Yoshida In the movie “MOTHER Mother” released in July this year, Okuhira was selected as the main cast for the first performance, and his expressiveness became a hot topic. In this work, which depicts the fate of beautiful mothers with secrets and worries, Daisuke, the son of career woman Yuko Hayashi, who plays Yoshida, will play a long-term withdrawal life. Okuhira, who will make his first appearance in the drama, said about Daisuke, who plays “I have excellent grades, but my school life is not so good and I am withdrawn, and in addition, I am not very good with my mother during the rebellious period. Explained. “It’s acting, but I’m so sorry to hit Mr. Yoshida strongly, and every scene is painful. If I were a parent, it would hurt me normally and I’m sad. But Daisuke is also good at himself. I don’t think he can express what he thinks, so I’m doing it with pain. ” Yoshida said, “When I saw” MOTHER Mother “, I was impressed that a great number of people came out, and I was looking forward to working with him this time.” “Because I’m not used to acting, I’ll give you a line. He tries to deliver it straight, so each scene I play with him is pierced by each line. I know it’s a play, but I’m sad and sad every time, “praised Okuhira’s performance. “I imagine that it is because of that experience that the amount of joy I feel when my relationship with my son is restored is immeasurable as the story progresses.” In addition, Okuhira said, “Mr. Yoshida talked to me when the camera wasn’t turning, and he narrowed the distance and made me a role, which was very helpful. I’m a person who accepts my acting, so it’s really great. It’s easy to do and it’s fun to do. I have a pain in my chest. It’s good for a mother,” said Yoshida. “I’m impressed that my son is a well-made child.” I was impressed.