Major League Championship Decision Series Astros Win 3 Wins 3 Losses

Major League Championship Decision Series Astros Win 3 Wins 3 Losses October 17 14:44

The Major League baseball and American League championship-winning series took place on the 16th in San Diego, California, where the Astros beat the Rays 7-4. The result of the match was three wins and three losses, and the decision was brought to the seventh match.
The Astros turned the game around with a two-run double by Springer in the fifth inning, and also scored four runs on Artuve’s timely two-base hit.

The Astros continued to score and extend their lead.

The Rays went three runs behind Margaux with two consecutive home runs, but the Astros won 7-4.

Tsutsuka Satoshi of the Rays hit a hit in front of Wright in the ninth inning with a single out, and it was a hit following the fourth game.

The Astros won three games in a row after losing three games in a row, resulting in three wins and three losses, bringing them to the seventh game of the World Series on the 17th.

National League Dodgers win, win 2 and lose 3

Meanwhile, the National League played its fifth game in Arlington, Texas, where the Dodgers turned it around in the sixth inning, followed by Smith’s three-run double, and in the seventh, he added three runs, including a two-run double for Seager’s second home run of the game.

The Dodgers then held the Braves’ counterattack to one and won 7-3, resulting in two wins and three losses.