Near Paris, male teacher cut and killed, investigated as terrorist case, nine detained

A male teacher near Paris was cut and killed in a terrorist attack, nine people detained on 17 October at 7:57 p.m.

A male teacher was killed when a man cut his neck with a knife near Paris, France. Prosecutors have investigated the incident as terrorism and have so far detained nine people, including the man’s family, because the victim’s male teacher had shown students a satire of a Muslim prophet in class.
On the evening of the 16th near Paris, a police officer rushed to the scene after receiving a report that a suspicious man was hanging, and a man was found dead with a knife cut in the neck, and a nearby man was shot while trying to attack a police officer with a knife.

At this time, the man was shouting “Alla Akbar” which means “God is great” in Arabic, and prosecutors believe the man killed the man and are investigating it as a terrorist case.

According to local media, when the victim’s man was a history teacher at a junior high school near the site and taught about “freedom of expression” in class, he showed students a satire of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, which spread on social media and was repulsed by some parents.

Meanwhile, local media reported the suspect was an 18-year-old Chechen man from Russia, and investigators have so far detained nine people, including a family member of a man and the guardian of a junior high school student where a male teacher worked.

In France, 12 people were killed five years ago when the newspaper Charli Ebdo, which published the prophet’s satire, was attacked by Islamic extremists, and two men and a woman were slashed with cutlery by a man from Pakistan in front of the building where the incident occurred last month after the newspaper posted the satire again.

While france strongly supports the idea that criticism of religion should be recognized as freedom of expression over the satire of prophets, there is also a strong backlash from Muslims and Middle Eastern countries, saying it is a blasphemy of religion.

There was wide shock in France over another incident over the satire, and President Macron, who visited the scene, said: “The French people were murdered because they were teaching freedom of expression. They are victims of terrorism by Islamic extremists” and called on the people to unite, not to give in to terrorism.

Voices of anxiety from students’ parents

A parent of a student who said he was teaching a murdered male teacher was interviewed by local media.

Of these, the boy’s father explained, “According to my son, the teacher told me not to hurt Muslim students, and when class started, he said, ‘I don’t want you to be shocked because I’m going to show Muhammad’s satire, so Muslim students can raise their hands and leave the classroom.'”

On top of that, he said, “My son is also Muslim, but he liked his teacher. He was kind and cheerful and said he wasn’t the kind of person who hated Islam.”

Another male student’s father said, “My son is anxious. Anyway, I’m not going to return my son to school. I’m afraid there will be some kind of retaliation against the school again.”