Pfizer to apply for permission to use the Corona Virus vaccine in the second half of November

Pfizer Corona Virus Vaccine to apply for permission to use in the second half of November October 17 at 4:59 a.m.

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has revealed that it will apply to regulators for emergency use as early as late November if the effects of the new coronavirus vaccine under development are confirmed.
American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is developing vaccines with German companies and is currently conducting a third phase of clinical trials, which is in its final stages.

Pfizer CEO Boula issued a statement today about the prospects for future development, stressing that the company aims to meet three requirements: effectiveness, safety and quality, as “it is important to carefully verify the effectiveness and safety and achieve high quality during the manufacturing process.”

He said, “We will know at the end of this month whether the vaccine is effective,” and if the effects are confirmed, he will apply to the U.S. FDA’s Food and Drug Administration for emergency use after the third week of November with safety data.

Pfizer’s vaccines are one of the most advanced in development, and with this announcement, the practical use of vaccines before the presidential election, which President Trump of the United States has repeatedly mentioned, is being increasingly feasible.