President Trump criticizes Twitter and other “on Mr. Biden’s side”

President Trump Criticizes Twitter and Other “Ally to Mr. Biden” October 17 at 12:27 PM

With three weeks to go until the U.S. presidential election, President Trump made a series of speeches in the closely hit states, claiming that Twitter and other social media were on Mr. Biden’s side.
President Trump, who is resuming campaigning that had been suspended due to infection with the new coronavirus, held a series of large-scale rallies today in southern Florida and Georgia, where he is fighting fiercely against Mr. Biden.

In it, President Trump harshly criticized twitter and other social media sites for failing to post links to articles criticizing Mr. Biden, and for temporarily freezing the public accounts of Trump’s camp and White House press secretary when they tried to post them.

“They are not allowed to abuse their power. I’m fighting not only the corrupt Biden family, but also the corrupt left-wing media,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden visited midwestern Michigan, a hard-fested state, and said he would “make it a fulfilling insurance system that would take care of the family if he became president,” and called for an effort to expand the health care system, which he regards as an important policy.

Georgia, where President Trump held a rally, has been a strong Republican region for many years, but this time he has been brought to a close battle with Mr. Biden, and as President Trump leads the polls, he seems to want to get back on his way around as many states as possible.

The number of viewers at the dialogue meeting is higher than That of Mr. Biden.

President Trump and Democratic Mr. Biden participated in a dialogue meeting hosted by different television stations at the same time on Friday as the second originally scheduled television debate was canceled.

The New York Times reported today that about 13.5 million people watched President Trump’s rally on television, while about 15.1 million people watched Mr. Biden’s rally, more than 1.6 million.