Shimofuri Myojo Seiya talks about her dream of old age, “I want to be a visiting professor at the university.”

Seiya, a comedy duo, Shimofuri Myojo, talked about her vision for old age in a video released on the official YouTube channel “Shimofuri Tube” on the 16th. Seiya’s video was released under the title “Do you have a vision for old age? Do you want children? Dreams after the age of 60 are too surprising !![Marbled Myojo]”. That is a major premise. I want to be a teacher or go to the theater, “he said.” I want to be a visiting professor at the university. ” Seiya said, “I really like college, I went to college. I wanted to be a teacher, originally. I want to stand on the podium. People who can stand on the podium and become anything from now on. I want to get involved with them when I get old, “he said. “That’s why I should publish a book somewhere, write my own dissertation, and take steps to become a visiting professor,” he said. He said he wanted to be an “interesting university teacher,” and said, “I dream of becoming an old man and becoming a university lecturer.”