Thai anti-government protests, government suspends railways, affects local Japanese lives

Anti-government protests in Thailand The government suspended the railway, affecting the lives of local Japanese on October 17 at 9:47 p.m.

Young people who continue to protest against the government in Thailand are dispersed in a number of places, including in front of the railway station in the capital Bangkok on May 17. The government has taken steps to stop the railway, which has also affected the lives of Japanese people living there.
In Bangkok, young people have been conducting large-scale demonstrations every day since the 14th of this month calling for The Resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth and reform of the royal system, and on the 16th, when they occupied the intersection of the main street in the center, they clashed with police and were forcibly eliminated.

Young people avoid gathering in one place to make it difficult for the police to focus on the 17th, and they are protesting in many places, such as in front of an elevated railway station running in Bangkok city, while working together on social media.

Nearly 100 people, including students, gathered in front of the station in the center to sit down and raise their voices.

In response, the government has taken steps to suspend elevated railways and subways on almost all lines based on the declaration of a state of emergency in Bangkok.

This affected Japanese people living in Bangkok, and some people were puzzled in front of the station where the shutters were closed.

A company employee in his fifties who is stationed there said, “I was going to go out for a meal, but I can’t. If I can’t get on the train, I’ll be in trouble.”

The Japanese Embassy in Thailand is u.S. calling on local Japanese to obtain the latest information, be very careful, and ensure their safety.