Akari Yoshida, entertainment plan after graduating from NMB48 found in 10 years of idol life

Especially if you are a woman, make-up that you face every day … About such make-up, the drama “So I make up” (TV Tokyo series every Wednesday from 24:58) is currently being broadcast. This work is a live-action version of Shibata Hikari’s comic, based on a collection of essays of the same name by a group of four otaku women and a female cat from the theater company. Each episode depicts the sadness and joy of women fighting against the “society” and “self-consciousness” that are highlighted through make-up, and episodes related to various women’s “makeup” are unfolded. In the drama, the main character, cosmetics shop beauty advisor (BA), Sumire Kumagai, is played by Megumi Kanzaki, newcomer BA Kondo Mei is played by Sara Shida, and Mei’s senior BA, Orika Yamamoto is played by Akari Yoshida. Yoshida, who is active as a first-year student of NMB48, is currently widely supported as a beauty YouTuber, and the glossy lip of the cosmetics brand “B IDOL” that he launched has sold 1.5 million pieces, @cosme best cosmetics. Received the Lip New Face Award in the second half of the Award 2019. The day before the announcement of his appearance in this work, he announced his graduation from NMB48, and some people speculated that he would be an actress after graduation, but he seems to have another idea.Akari Yoshida appearing in the drama “So I Make”

■ It’s not that I want to be an actress after graduation …

――The comment at the time of the appearance announcement was “No way drama offer”, but why was it “No way”?

I didn’t say I wanted to be an actress, and I wasn’t confident in acting. Although I wasn’t planning to go on as an actress, the drama appearance was announced the day after the graduation announcement, so I think fans might think “that !?” “I’m going to be an actress.” (Laughs). But it’s different! It happened that the timings overlapped.

――Do you mean that you are starting to wake up with this shoot …?

It’s difficult … I’m not confident in acting (laughs). There is an entertainment plan that says “I want to convey my lifestyle life-size” and “I want to put out my” first “”, and I think it is different that the role comes first. But if you have a thankful story like this, it will be an experience and you may wake up in the future. Originally, I was aiming for the entertainment world because I wanted to be an actress and a model.

――When did you start thinking about your own entertainment plan? I was surprised at the glossy lip blockbuster of “B IDOL”.

I started YouTube because I wanted to raise my profile. I never imagined that it would lead to cosmetics production and drama appearances. Recently, I’ve also noticed that women make up because of their mental health. For example, if it’s a new semester or a new life, “I want to be reborn” or something like that is all related. I realized that “I want to think like this today, so I’m using this kind of makeup”, so I thought it would be best to express myself in life size. If I grow up from now on, I would like to convey that growth as well.

――I don’t think it’s easy to decide your own concept so clearly.

It may have been learned in 10 years of idol life. When I was an idol, I thought, “Story is important.” I made the fans and groups aware that the person has a story and wants to support him. I’m glad that you can sympathize with being yourself, so I think I’ll stay that way.

――When you think about it, this “So I make up” is the perfect theme.

Really! Moreover, when I happened to clean my room at my parents’ house during the self-restraint period, there was a “So I make up bad friends’ aesthetic awareness survey” (Kashiwa Shobo) in the room, “I have not read it before. But I thought, “Let’s read it,” so I left it on my desk. Then, the next day, the details of the drama story were sent to me, and I felt fate. What’s more, when I was working on new autumn cosmetics to pay attention to the cuteness of adults. As I said earlier, when women think that they are not good at today’s work, I think they sometimes wear strong make-up. The story of the drama came when my brand was thinking about “why girls make up”. By noticing that, my way of life and presentation after graduation came to my mind, and the moody things suddenly cleared up, so I really wanted to do it.

■ Don’t forget yourself growing up in an ordinary residential area

――This time you played a cosmetologist, do you have any feelings of advice or sympathy?

Since we started distributing videos, the number of girls’ fans has increased and we have been asked various questions, and there were plans to make up for junior members and fans of the group, so we have more opportunities to give advice to people. See you. This drama also focuses on the fact that make-up supports mental health and why make-up is done, so there were many parts that I sympathized with and noticed.

――Do you think the role you actually played is similar to yourself?

Being bright at all times and saying things in a hurry is very close to me. I thought that the feeling of entering in a serious atmosphere, “That’s right!”, Is similar (laughs). Originally it was a character that was not in the original, and the script also said “Akari Yoshida” and “It’s perfect for the image,” so it was very easy to play. I think it’s a drama that gives you confidence and affirms your personality, so please take a look!

――When you hear the story, it seems that you are really talking to the producer.

The idea that it is normal may be greater. It’s not the makeup that professionals teach, so I just want to be normal because what I’ve experienced is also reflected in the makeup technique. I want to remember myself growing up in an ordinary residential area in Osaka. Originally, I wanted to be a model, but the more I do YouTube, the more I have to show myself, and I have to show all the hidden parts. But I thought it was good. I can’t be a perfect person like Haruna Kojima, but if you can be confident that you’re as good as Akarin, I think that’s my way of doing things.

■ Akari Yoshida

Born August 16, 1996, from Osaka prefecture. Started activities as the first student of NMB48 in 2010. In 2016, he opened an official personal channel on YouTube and became popular as a beauty YouTuber. From 2018, he will also be the exclusive model for “Ray”. In 2019, he launched the cosmetics brand “B IDOL” and is attracting attention. (C) TV TOKYO