Kawamoto, second in the previous day’s Golf Japan Open, has two additional penalties for violating the rules.

Golf Japan Open 2nd place Kawamoto of the previous day is an additional penalty of 2 hits for violation of the rules October 18 13:22

At the Japan Open in men’s golf, an amateur college student, Kawamoto, who finished second in the third round, was confirmed to have violated the rules for not returning the marked ball to the correct position on the green on the 13th hole on the 17th. Kawamoto was penalized for adding two hits and started the final round at 2-under, three strokes behind the leader.
At the Japan Open of golf held in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, amateur Kawamoto finished second at 4-under until the third round on the 17th.

However, when the tournament officials verified the play on the 17th, it was confirmed that Kawamoto had violated the rule of putting the ball close to the hole for about half the ball when he returned the ball he had marked before hitting the sixth putt on the green on the par-4 13th.

As a result, Kawamoto was penalized for adding two hits, and his score was revised from 4-under to 2-under and his ranking was revised from 2nd to 3rd place, and he started the final round.