The murder of a male teacher at memorial services in various parts of France.

The murder of a male teacher At memorial services in various parts of France, the thought of protecting freedom of expression is also on October 19 at 6:28 a.m.

In France, a rally was held in France to mourn the victims of the murder of a male teacher who showed a satire of a Muslim prophet to a student in a school class with a knife.
A junior high school teacher was killed with a knife by an 18-year-old Chechen man from Russia near Paris this month, and prosecutors are investigating it as terrorism, partly because a male teacher showed students a satire of the Islamic prophet Muhammad as he taught him about “freedom of expression” in class.

On the 18th in France, rallies were held in various parts of the country to mourn male teachers and to protect freedom of expression, of which many people gathered in the square in eastern Paris.

The people gathered showed their feelings of mourning for the man with flowers in the center of the square, and held up placards that read “I am a teacher” with the desire to take over the teacher’s thoughts and protect freedom of expression.

A woman who is a junior high school teacher said, “I am deeply saddened. Freedom of expression should always be protected.”

A Muslim woman also said, “As a French citizen and as a Muslim, I came to say no to terrorism.”

In France, five years ago, a newspaper with the prophet’s satire was attacked by Islamic extremists, as well as a terrorist attack on satire last month, and this time the teacher who taught freedom of expression has been shocked by the victim of terrorism.