Trumpet player Yoshinori Kondo dies at 71

Trumpet player Yoshinori Kondo dies 71 years old October 19 at 2:25

Mr. Yoshinori Kondo, a trumpet player known for his free improvisation and active in Japan and abroad, passed away on the night of the 17th. He was 71 years old.
Mr. Kondo is a native of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, and has been working as a trumpet player in a jazz group since he was a university student, and has been performing in the United States since 1978.

Since then, he has formed his own band in Japan and has been highly regarded for his performances that take in a wide range of musical elements such as rock and jazz, and has performed with famous artists from Japan and abroad, such as Herbie Hancock and Yasuyasu Nubukuro.

Since 1993, nhk has been broadcasting improvisational performances in nature around the world, titled “Blowing the Earth,” as well as performances in Israel’s Negev Desert and Peru’s Machu Picchu.

In addition, we held a music festival on the theme of world peace at Itsukojima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture, and the year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we performed songs made in memory of those who were victims of the earthquake at Todaiji Temple in Nara Prefecture.

According to his family, Kondo was scheduled to perform at a live event in Osaka on the evening of the 18th, but he died on the night of the 17th.

He was 71 years old.